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The Arm & Hammer Squeak To Clean is a multi-axis dog toothbrush designed to maintain your dog's oral care during play time.


It's dual squeak core provides an incentive for your dog to chew & empowers him to practice oral care all on his own. 


 squeak to clean 

VetMD ® is a unique brand and product line licensed to Fetch For Pets.

VetMD offers vet recommended products for pet health and wellness. 

 Vet md 

Inspired by nature, we designed something wonderful that
is so simple and intuitive that it is familiar to you and your dog.  

Giving medicine is easy and mess free.  

Stash, Snap & Serve…
PillStashios ® just work.


Play baseball with your best friend.

Bark-N-Bat® is a fetch ball game for you and your dog.

No bending down or slobbery hands.  Bark-N-Bat provides exercise in half the time.

Licensed to Hyper Products, the Bark-N-Bat sold at Target, Petsmart, Petco, Meijer and Big 5.


Project 7500-54 is in our media studio undergoing demonstration video production.

 project 7500-54 

BiONiC ® products are made from a proprietary material we call BiONiC RUBBER and is the new gold standard for pet chew toys.

Make Ideas developed BiONiC from inception through market expansion phases.


KONG ARMOR TM is the latest in durable plush technology and was licensed to the KONG Company.

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