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The INVISA muzzle is a next generation dog muzzle that utilizes advanced design technology, featuring a 30% weight reduction and a 30% strength increase.
The INVISA is designed with aerospace principles and topology optimization techniques, making it a wearable performance safety device for dogs.
The INVISA muzzle was created with the safety, comfort, and approachability of dogs in mind.
invisa dog muzzle company of animals

 invisa muzzle 

Duke effortlessly destroyed yet another new toy!

After years of research and development, we created BIONIC® - toys that Duke couldn't destroy, and he joyfully wagged his tail.

BIONIC is for dogs who can demolish ordinary toys in minutes.

bionic dog toys hagen


Stuff it, bounce it, throw it, float it, chew it, lick it - the Jolly Dipper™ can do it all.

Fill the interactive Jolly Dipper treat toy with peanut butter and squeeze to enhance the treating experience.  

jolly dipper jolly pets

 Jolly Dipper 

The KONG Dental Ball has gel pods to fill with flavored dental gel.  By chewing and squeaking the ball, it releases the gel inside the dogs’ mouth as they play with the durable toy.  The included Tropiclean dental gel destroys 99.9% of bacteria.

Way more fun than brushing, squeaking the ball satisfies natural chewing instincts, while the raised nubs help clean teeth and gums.  

dental ball kong cosmos

 dental ball 

Occupy chews were specifically developed to occupy your dog.  ​The unique antler shape was designed and engineered to give your dog a healthy challenge that helps keeps them engaged and chewing longer. 

These chews are made with all natural ingredients that are raw-hide free for a safe & satisfying chewing experience!

antler whimzees

 Occupy Calmzees 

goDog PlayClean™ toys offer a natural solution to keeping your pet toys clean and sanitized.  

  • Fresh & Clean = More fun!

  • Toys that clean from the inside - out!

  • Infused natural zeolite beads deodorize your toy.

  • Contains pet safe geranium essential oils that are steadily released into the plush to deodorize the dog toy

playclean petwise


VetMD ® is a unique brand and product line licensed to Fetch For Pets.

VetMD offers vet recommended products for pet health and wellness. 

vetmd fetch for pets

 Vet md 

Play baseball with your best friend.

Bark-N-Bat® is a fetch ball game for you and your dog.

No bending down or slobbery hands.  Bark-N-Bat provides exercise in half the time.

The Bark-N-Bat sold at Target, Petsmart, Petco, Meijer and Big 5.


bark n bat

Inspired by nature, we designed something wonderful that
is so simple and intuitive that it is familiar to you and your dog.  

Giving medicine is easy and mess free.  

Stash, Snap & Serve…
PillStashios ® just work.

pillstashios stashios


Project 7500-54 is in our media studio undergoing demonstration video production.

top secret

 project 7500-54 

The Arm & Hammer Squeak To Clean is a multi-axis dog toothbrush designed to maintain your dog's oral care during play time.


It's dual squeak core provides an incentive for your dog to chew & empowers him to practice oral care all on his own. 

squeak to clean arm hammer

 squeak to clean 

KONG ARMOR is built with a durable armor design, inspired by pinecones and armadillos.  This ultra-durable fetch and tug toy is built to last while the multiple layers of texture add to the playtime experience.

kong armor


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