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The Accounting Mouse is a multi-function computer mouse. The 10-key pad on top of the mouse provides speed and efficiency in numerical data entry.

The Accounting Mouse is ideal for laptop users and traveling accountants.

accounting mouse

 accounting mouse 

Know the weather before you go.

The solar powered Wi-Fi 

sensor mounts outside the home and transmits weather data to your smart phone.

Information includes: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction.

Weather meter
IOT weather sensor

The latest desk tool. 

Protect your privacy and dispose of your personal digital information easily and worry free.

The Scratcher enables you to destroy data on CDs or DVDs, so the disk is no longer usable and can be thrown away.

CD scratcher

 The Scratcher 

Lighted Fish Tape is used for the installation of low voltage data & cabling. 

Lighted Fish Tape provides easier installation of wire and cable in dark conduit runs or building plenum spaces.

El Wire fish tape.

 lighted fish tape 

 wheather pone 

Be able to identify rolled-up drawings, without unrolling them.

Drawing Roll Labels are a storage and organization product that allow easy identification of large format drawings. Just label and insert into a drawing roll. 

Great for architects, engineers and artists.

drawing roll labels
Drawing labels

 drawing roll labels 

roll labels

The DVD disc, as a media format, is a flawed technology. Simple matters such as surface grime or dust will cause failure-to-play or data loss.

The DVD Cleaner Case provides a cleaning system, contained in a standard case.

Ideal for the DVD movie rental market and CD gaming products.

CD cases

 dvd cleaner case 

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