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Glitter n' Glo is a line of inflatable lighted chairs which use Sparklex and LED light technology for furniture to magically change colors. 

Licensed to Spin Master Toys with Philips Electronics, this sparkling furniture line utilizes Disney and Marvel properties to expand the product's offering and was sold at Walmart and Sears.


spiderman chair

 glitter & glow 

Control RC vehicles with your mind. 

By acquiring and mapping signal data with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI), Cyzoom controls multi-channel devices through the use of EEG, EOG and EMG mind-body user signals.

The Cyzoom platform was optioned by Hasbro Inc.

brain controlled car


The Mini R/C Boat Racing Set introduces a new category to the R/C product segment. Mini Jet Boats race and speed around a water filled track for wet racing fun. 

The Mini R/C Boat Racing Set was licensed to The Estes Corporation. 

Mini RC boats

 mini rc boats 

Let's talk about funny animatronics. Boner the Humping Hound is an adult novelty toy that has a leg up on humor.

Clip his front paws to just about anything - although he prefers your leg, squeeze his paw to "turn him on". Boner barks and does the wild thang and sold at Spencer's Gifts.

Boner the humping dog

 Humping Hound 

Aqua Rockets are the latest in sub-orbital rocket technology. 

Aqua Rockets soar up to 20 feet in the air - with no batteries required.

Simply load one of the included foam rockets into the launcher, and slam the launcher into the pool. Watch the rockets fly.

Aqua Rockets were sold at Toys "R" Us and Target.

Pool Rockets

 aqua rockets 

Nail Charms are three dimensional, miniature sculptured artificial nails. Flowers, butterflies and  ducks can now adorn your fingers.

Nail Charms sold in Walmart, Walgreens and Sears.


Fingernail charms
Fingernail Creatures
Fingernail charms

 nail charms 

The next phase in arms escalation in rubber-band wars is here. 12 or 24 rubber-bands discharge in a stream from the Rubber Band Gatling Gun.

Having superior fire power is no longer an issue of yours.

rubber band gun
rubber band gun
rubber band gun

 Gatling Gun 

Construction meets bath time with our innovative play set. 

A fun nine piece construction set that allows children to create a cascade of water by attaching the suction cups to a surface. Change the design to create other fun water activities. 

Water Works is manufactured under license by Reeve & Jones.

Water Works

 water works 

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